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Make sure you follow these guidelines when taking a measurement. Failing to do so may lead to inaccurate results or cause the measurement to fail.

Note that the BPM+ is designed to re-calibrate itself before each measurement.

  1. Sit down in a comfortable position.
  2. Make sure you rest for five minutes before taking a measurement.
  3. Unroll the cuff. Place your arm inside it.
  4. Tighten the cuff around your arm, about 1 inch (2 centimeters) above your elbow.
  5. Make sure the metal tube is positioned against your inner arm.
  6. Place your arm on a table, slightly flexed and level with your heart.
  7. Turn on your BPM+.
    The Heath Mate app starts automatically.
  8. Press the Start button to launch the measurement.
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