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This article will help you if you encounter any of the following issues:

- The screen of the scale doesn't turn on
- The scale can't connect to Wi-Fi
- The setup process fails

Before proceeding with troubleshooting, please make sure that your mobile device is compatible with your scale.



The screen of the scale doesn't turn on

If the screen of your scale doesn't turn on, perform the following steps:

  1. Make sure you've removed the battery tab if it's the first time you're installing the scale.
  2. Make sure you're using alkaline, non-rechargeable batteries.
  3. Make sure the metallic contacts of the battery compartment are touching the batteries and that they are not dirty or corroded.
    If they are, you can clean them with a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol.
  4. Make sure the batteries work properly.
    You can try using new batteries to see if that's where the issue comes from.


The scale can't connect to Wi-Fi

If your scale can't connect to Wi-Fi, perform the following steps:

  • If you get a DHCP error, reboot your router and start installing your scale again. If the problem persists, click here.
  • If you get a DNS error, reboot your router and start installing your scale again. If the problem persists, click here.
  • If you get an HTTP error, make sure your Wi-Fi network doesn't require to enter a password on a web page (for free or shared Wi-Fi networks) or that it's not behind a proxy.
  • If you get a Wi-Fi error 2, make sure you entered the right password.
  • If you get a Wi-Fi error 3, 4 or 5, try to get closer to your router and start installing your scale again.
    Make sure you're not using a 5 GHz Wi-Fi network as it is not supported by the scale.
  • If you get a Wi-Fi error 6, reboot your router, make sure it authorizes new products to connect and start installing your scale again.
  • If a MAC filter is set on your router, make sure you add the MAC address of your scale in your router's green list.
  • For other issues, try forcing the firmware update.

Due to local regulations on Wi-Fi devices, Bluetooth should be used to set up your scale in the following countries:

Andorra, Antartica, Bouvet Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Cook Islands, Greenland, Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands, Iran, Republic of Korea, Marshall Islands, Palestine, State of Pitcairn, Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, Sudan, Svalbard and Jan Mayen, Syrian Arab Republic, Timor-Leste, Tokelau


The setup process fails

 If the setup process fails:

  1. Make sure you have access to the internet on your mobile device.
  2. Make sure that you keep the app open during the installation process.
  3. Make sure that the screen of your mobile device stays on during the installation process.
  4. Keep your scale close to your mobile device during the installation process.
  5. Check if your Body has already been paired with your mobile device. To do so, go to the Settings of your mobile device, select Bluetooth and locate your scale in the list of devices. Select the small icon to the right of the scale and select the option to Forget or Remove the device. Try to install your scale again.

Note: On Android devices, location must be allowed, either at all times or when the app is active. To check location permissions, go to your device settings > App > Health Mate > Permissions > Location.

It is also possible to check this setting in the shortcuts of your mobile device.

If you still encounter issues, reach out to Customer Service by clicking the Contact us button at the bottom of the page.

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