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Disclaimer: Sleep and Sleep Analyzer are two distinct devices. Sleep helps measure sleep quality and snoring. In Europe, Withings has launched Sleep Analyzer, an improvement of Sleep, with a medical-grade sleep apnea detection. Sleep Analyzer is not available in the US.


Sleep Analyzer is a sleep tracker that allows you to monitor your sleeping patterns in detail. You don't need to wear anything while you sleep, you simply have to place the sensor under your mattress.

Sleep Analyzer gives you data on:

  • Your sleep cycles (light sleep, deep sleep, REM sleep, phases of waking and falling asleep)
  • The quality of your sleep (Sleep Score*)
  • Your heart rate (resting heart rate)
  • Your snoring (length and number of episodes)
  • Your breathing disturbances (Sleep - US users)
  • Your sleep apnea (Sleep Analyzer - EU users only)

This data is automatically synced via Wi-Fi with the Health Mate app (available on iOS and Android), which allows you to view your data and receive personalized advice.

You can also use the Sleep Analyzer tracker as a home automation device, thanks to IFTTT. If you have connected objects (a light bulb or thermostat, for example), Sleep can function as a switch for controlling the light or temperature in your room when you go to bed and get up. For more information, click here.

*Your Sleep Score is calculated on the basis of several criteria, such as sleep length, the time taken to fall asleep, and the regularity of the time at which you get up and go to bed. For more information, click here.

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