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Sleep Analyzer is a sleep sensor easy to use, you don't need to change your routine or wear something while you are sleeping. 

You just need to install Sleep Analyzer via the Health Mate app, plug it into a power socket, and place it under your mattress. Then, all you need to do is go to sleep as you normally would. A few minutes after you wake up, you will find your sleep data in the Health Mate app.

Where should I place Sleep Analyzer?

Sleep Analyzer should be placed between the mattress and the box spring/bed platform. It can also be placed between the mattress and mattress topper/pad. The sensor should be placed horizontally at chest level.


Note that Sleep Analyzer can be used with a slatted frame. In this case, you may need to place a flat, sturdy object (like a cardboard, for example) between the frame and the sensor.

If you sleep alone in a double bed, we recommend that you place Sleep Analyzer in the middle of the bed.

Can Sleep Analyzer work if two people sleep in the same bed?

Sleep Analyzer can only track the sleep of one person. If two persons wish to measure their sleep, they can install two Sleep Analyzer on the same account on two different users. 

Note that one Sleep Analyzer must be placed under each person, on each side of the bed.

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