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The Health Mate app is a free app that centers around three axes:

  • Tracking your health
  • Keeping you motivated
  • Installing and using Nokia devices.

Tracking your health

The Health Mate app can be used as a standalone health and fitness app: you can use it without buying any of our products.

It allows you to track:

  • Your activity (thanks to the accelerometer of your phone)
  • Your heart rate (using your phone's camera)
  • Your weight and fat mass (through manual entry)
  • Your blood pressure (through manual entry).

Keeping you motivated

The Health Mate app puts a strong emphasis on motivation:

  • You can add your friends and family to your Leaderboard and compete with them. You can add anyone as long as they have the Health Mate app on their smartphone, thanks to the in-app steps tracking (see 'Features'). 
  • Once you have started using your tracker for a few days, Health Mate will provide you with Insights, that help you keep a track of your achievements and your areas of improvement. 
  • The Health Mate app offers a system of badges, virtual rewards that you unlock after certain achievements.
  • Wellness Programs are a brand-new way to improve your health as well. To learn more about Wellness Programs, please check the 'Features' section.

Installing and using Nokia devices

The Health Mate allows you to install all Nokia health-related products, and to see the data delivered by those devices. 


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