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Where should I place the sleep sensor?

The sleep sensor should be placed between the mattress and the box spring/bed platform. It can also be placed between the mattress and mattress topper/pad.

The sensor should be placed horizontally at chest level.

If you sleep alone in a double bed, we recommend that you place the sensor in the middle of the bed.


How does the sensor work if two people sleep in the same bed?

When only using one sensor, the sensor and the Connected Alarm Clock should be placed on the side of the bed of the person who wishes to measure their sleep. Even if two persons share the same bed, a sensor only measures the sleep of one person (the user sleeping on the sensor). The sensor can differentiate the movements of the person wishing to measure his/her sleep (the person sleeping on the sensor) and the movements of a second person. 

If two persons wish to measure their sleep, one sensor must to be placed under each person, on each side of the bed.


Which type of mattress can I use with my sleep sensor?

The sleep sensor is compatible with a wide variety of mattresses including spring, latex, foam, and memory foam. You can place the sleep sensor directly under the mattress (between the mattress and the bed platform or box spring).

You can also place the sensor between your mattress and mattress topper or pad.

Note: The sleep sensor has not been tested with, and is not recommended for use with waterbeds.

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