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How does the Withings Aura™ work?

The Withings Aura™ Total Sleep system uses scientifically-validated light and sound programs which act on the release of melatonin, the natural sleep-inducing hormone.

It thereby facilitates transitions into sleep and determines the optimal time in the user's sleep cycle to make for an energized wake-up experience.

For your falling-asleep experience, the light spectrum changes and fades out continuously. Meanwhile, the sound intensity decreases slowly until switching off after about twenty minutes.


Do I need to start a sleep or nap program to record my sleep data?

No, it is not necessary to set a sleep or nap program in order to gather data. The Withings Aura will still track your sleep even if you do not start a program, or set an alarm to wake you up.

If you wish to use the sleep program multiple times in the night (for example, to help you fall back to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night), you may do so without any effect on your sleep data.

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