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Latest firmware

We keep improving the Home by releasing new features through firmware updates! The latest firmware version is 805, released on April 10th, 2018.


Version 805 (Nokia and Withings Home) - April 10th, 2018:

  • Bug fixes and improvements

 Version 712 (Home) - December 4th, 2017:

  • Bug fixes and improvements

 Version 507 (Home only) - October 6th, 2017:

  • Bug fixes

 Version 409 (Withings Home only) - September 28th, 2017:

  • Bug fixes

 Version 405 - May 2nd 2017:

  • Stability improvement
  • Shorter loading times for Premium Security users

 Version 274 - May 16th 2016:

  • Stability improvement
  • Wi-Fi connectivity improvement
  • Network performance improvement
  • Bug fixes

 Version 242 - March 11th 2016:

  • Partnership with IFTTT
  • Introduction of the Autopilot mode (only compatible with the iOS app version 2.4.0 for now)
  • Bug fixes

 Version 220 - February 3rd 2016:

  • Improvement of the stability
  • Improvement of the video/audio quality
  • Bug fixes

 Version 198 - November 25th 2015:

  • Bug fixes

 Version 192 - October 21st 2015:

  • Improvement of the video quality
  • Improvement of the video playback speed
  • Bug fixes

 Version 168 - July 10th 2015:

  • Improvement of the Cloud Video Recording reliability
  • Improvement of the sound and motion detection sensitivity
  • Improvement of the stability and connectivity
  • Bug fixes

 Version 160 - June 4th 2015:

  • Video quality keeps getting better with our new Dynamic FPS technology.
  • Our engineers improved motion and noise detection accuracy, so you never miss a special moment.
  • Thanks to your feedback, we continually improve Home stability.

 Version 140 - April 22nd 2015 :

  • CVR improvement
  • The Home is now supported on the Apple Watch
  • Better air quality assessment
  • Improvement of the stability
  • Improvement of the day/night detection
  • Bug fixes

 Version 125 - March 6th 2015:

  • Free CVR (for a limited period of time)
  • Snapshot button to take pictures from the live stream
  • Possibility to set custom movement/noise alert thresholds
  • Possibility to display air quality alerts and to adjust the alert threshold
  • Possibility to stream the video on two devices at the same time
  • Bug fixes

 Version 92 - December 24th 2014:

  • Improvement of the streaming quality
  • Improvement of the motion detection
  • Improvement of the night and day stability
  • Pictures for sound events
  • New watchdog
  • Bug fixes
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