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The Health Mate® Android app allows you to link a Google Fit account. By linking your Google Fit and Withings accounts, you will be able to:

  • Send your number of steps, weight data and heart rate data to Google Fit.
  • Use the Google Fit in-app tracking feature if you don’t have a Withings activity tracker.

Note that the only data we collect from Google Fit is the number of steps and that these steps have to be detected by Google Fit itself. We cannot retrieve steps coming from another brand of trackers, even if they were synced with Google Fit.

Note: If you have a Withings activity tracker installed, the Health Mate app will not display steps from Google Fit. In this case, steps will only be shown from your Withings activity tracker.

If you notice any inconsistencies between the number of steps displayed in Google Fit and the number of steps displayed in the Health Mate®, we advise that you reach out to Google directly as the data is coming from them.

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