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You can easily track your heart rate or SpO2 using your Withings Pulse™ Ox thanks to the heart rate mode.

  1. Press the button of your Withings Pulse™ Ox several times until the Heart + Sleep screen is displayed.
  2. Tap the heart icon on the screen.
  3. Gently place your finger on the light sensor at the back of your Withings Pulse™ Ox when prompted to with the words “place finger”.
    Make sure you stay as still as possible to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.

You can retrieve all the heart rate and SpO2 measurements collected by your Withings Pulse™ Ox in your Timeline or on your Dashboard in the Health Mate app.

The Health Mate app keeps your entire history, allowing you to easily track how your heart rate and SpO2 level evolve over time.

If you have any issue with your heart rate or SpO2 measurements, click here to find a solution!

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