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  • Your Go can withstand a pressure similar to that of a 50 m (165 ft) depth. You can, therefore, use it when dishwashing, splashing or swimming. However, it can’t be used for diving or snorkeling.
  • Do not remove the back cover when it is under water.
  • Avoid long exposure to salt water. Make sure you rinse your tracker with fresh water after spending time swimming in salt water.
  • Avoid exposure to any chemical products such as solvents, detergents, perfumes  or cosmetics. They may damage the accessories or the casing of the tracker.
  • Avoid extreme atmospheres (e.g., saunas or steam rooms).
  • The aging of the materials may affect the water resistance of the tracker. Water resistance cannot be permanently guaranteed.
  • Make sure you close the back case properly after replacing the battery.
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