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Can I log my meals directly in the Health Mate app?

No, there is no way to log your meals in the Health Mate app. At this point, only the meals logged in MyFitnessPal can be retrieved by the Health Mate app.


Why are the calories earned different from the active calories displayed in the app?

The active calories displayed in the app include the basal calories that allow your body to function, as well as the extra calories burned by your activity. The calories earned used in the Nutrition widget only include the extra calories burned during your activity.


Why is my activity data not taken into account in the calories earned?

Only activity data coming from the Health Mate app are taken into account in the calories earned for the Nutrition widget. Any activity data coming from a partner app will not be included.


Why are my budget and/or my calories earned different in MyFitnessPal and in the Health Mate app?

You may notice differences between your budget and/or calories earned on MyFitnessPal and on the Health Mate app. This is because MyFitnessPal uses average values, whereas the Health Mate app uses your actual data. You can limit these differences by making sure:

  • You have the same weight goal in MyFitnessPal and in the Health Mate app.
  • You have selected the same weight loss pace in MyFitnessPal and in the Health Mate app.
  • You have selected a sedentary activity level in MyFitnessPal.
  • You have entered the same user metrics in MyFitnessPal and the Health Mate app (age, height, weight, gender).

To adjust your weight goal and weight loss pace in the Health Mate app, tap the Weight widget.

To adjust your weight goal, weight loss pace and activity level in MyFitnessPal, open MyFitnessPal, tap Others and tap Goals.


I have logged my meals in MyFitnessPal but the Food widget wasn’t updated. What should I do?

  1. Browse to and make sure that your meals are properly logged there.
    If not, it may be that you have network issues on your mobile device and that your data wasn’t synchronized with the MyFitnessPal servers.
    If that’s the case, check the network status on your mobile device.
  2. Try force quitting the Health Mate app and opening it again.
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