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Before taking a measurement

Make sure you follow these guidelines before taking a measurement:

  • The user and Thermo have to remain in the same ambient temperature for 10 minutes before taking a measurement.
  • The measurement has to be taken on dry skin. Sweaty skin could impact the results.
  • Make sure the user's hair is not in the way.
  • Wait at least 10 minutes after waking up before taking your measurement.
  • Wait at least 15 minutes after a workout before taking your measurement.
  • If you’re taking the temperature of a baby, make sure you wait at least 15 minutes after nursing him/her before taking a measurement.
  • Do not take a measurement on a premature baby.

Taking a measurement

To take a measurement, perform the following steps:

  1. Remove the protective cap.
  2. Put Thermo in front of the forehead.
  3. Starting from the center of the forehead, press and release the button of your Thermo and scan across the forehead in a straight line to the temple. 

    Direct contact with the skin is not necessary. Thermo can be up to 1 cm (0.5 in.) away from your skin.
  4. Thermo vibrates at the end of the measurement and the result comes up on the display.
  5. Slide your finger up or down on the touch-sensitive area of the display to select the correct user.
  6. Press the button to confirm your choice.
    Your measurement is sent to the app after your Thermo turns off.

 Note: Thermo can register approximately 30 measurements without syncing.

Understanding the fever status LED

The color of the LED indicates at a glance whether or not the person has a fever. This is based on the temperature and the user’s age range. The severity of the fever is also clearly visible based on the color shown.

You’ll find below the fever status for each age range:


Viewing the history of my measurements

Once you’ve assigned a measurement from your Thermo, you can check the history of measurements for the user. To do so, slide the touch-sensitive area of your Thermo from bottom to top to go back in time.

You can see the last five measurements taken in the past 72 hours.

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