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The following screens can be displayed on your Steel HR:

 Standard screens

  • The Date and time screen
  • The Heart rate screen
  • The Steps screen
  • The Distance screen
  • The Total calories screen
    Note: The Steel HR shows calories from your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate - an estimate of the amount of calories needed at rest so that the body can function) in addition to calories burned from exercise. This is why the watch will show calories before any exercise is done.
  • The Notifications screen
  • The Alarm screen
  • The Battery level screen
  • The Workout screen

 Particular screens

  • The Continuous heart rate screen
  • The Chronometer screen

Press the button of your Steel HR for about a second to launch the continuous heart rate mode. When the continuous heart rate mode is on, shortly press the button to display the chronometer.

To display the Date and time screen, press the button of your Steel HR. Date and time will then appear on the display of your Steel HR.



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