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Disclaimer: Sleep and Sleep Analyzer are two distinct devices. Sleep helps measure sleep quality and snoring. In Europe, Withings has launched Sleep Analyzer, an improvement of Sleep, with a medical-grade sleep apnea detection. Sleep Analyzer is not available in the US.


What is the difference between Sleep and Sleep Analyzer?

Sleep was the first product to provide in-depth data about sleep quality and snoring. Sleep Analyzer is a new iteration of this product. In addition to sleep quality analysis, the new Sleep Analyzer offers medical-grade sleep apnea detection and a complete view over time to be shared with your doctor. Sleep Analyzer has been clinically validated by the CE notified body and is considered as a medical device.

Which type of mattress can I use with Sleep Analyzer?

Please read our article about bed and mattress compatibility.

With the launch of Sleep Analyzer, what is happening to Sleep?

Sleep Analyzer is a new iteration of the previous Sleep. In countries where Sleep Analyzer is available, Sleep no longer is.

How is Sleep Analyzer exactly detecting sleep apnea?

Sleep Analyzer contains the world’s most advanced sensors and technology to analyze sleep quality, estimate the average number of sleep apnea episodes per hour, and detect the severity of sleep apnea for a given user/night. Sleep Analyzer tracks some precious parameters including snoring and thoracic activity as well as physiological parameters, such as heart activity through ballistocardiography. Its algorithm is powerful and has been trained and validated on a large cohort of apneic patients at Hôpital Béclère (France).

Why is Sleep Analyzer more expensive than Sleep?

Sleep Analyzer is a major innovation to both sleep tech and sleep medicine. The device is the result of Withings’ 10-year-expertise in providing advanced metrics in non-intrusive devices, combined with regulatory and clinical efforts never preceded on the first version of Sleep.

Withings has been investing a lot into the development of the world’s most advanced technology to be able to offer medical-grade sleep apnea detection from home. Withings has also invested time in the clinical validation of Sleep Analyzer. 

What is the length of the power cable?

The power cable is 2 meters long (about 6.5 feet).

Is Sleep Analyzer replacing a diagnosis of sleep apnea by a doctor?

Sleep Analyzer is providing detailed, laboratory-accurate results, and its ability to detect sleep apnea is medically certified. Sleep Analyzer has been extensively tested on patients in a sleep laboratory – in direct comparison with polysomnography (PSG), the clinical gold standard of sleep diagnostics. If your results show signs of sleep apnea, you should still consult a doctor who will decide on the appropriate treatment. 

 How can I see the results?

Sleep Analyzer performs a sleep-lab analysis of the user’s night without any action required and provides valuable data that are immediately available upon getting up of bed. A history of all recordings, their associated classifications, and any noted comments or symptoms are stored in the Health Mate app. All data collected can easily be shared with a doctor or healthcare professional.

How can I share my results or act on them?

Data collected by Sleep Analyzer and visualized in the Health Mate app can easily be shared with a doctor or healthcare professional, which can help assist with early diagnosis and treatment. Early diagnosis could help to prevent more serious complications.

What will happen for customers who already have Sleep?

Sleep apnea is now available only for European Union Sleep users. To activate this feature, please go to Devices > Sleep > Activate sleep apnea. Note that your Sleep needs to be plugged into a power socket, using the provided adapter. You also need to have the latest version of the Health Mate app to activate the sleep apnea feature.

What would be the procedure for the upgrade? 

Customers will receive an email explaining the whole procedure. There will be no need to return the product.

Is the update limited to a specific time period? 

There is no limitation in time.

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