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The Sleep score is a very simple and intuitive way to understand how well you slept. Sleep measures every night's sleep and provides a score out of 100 points based on 6 key inputs:

  • Duration (total time spent sleeping)
  • Depth (part of night spent in restorative phases, deep sleep and REM sleep)
  • Regularity (consistency between your bed- and rise-times)
  • Interruptions (time spent awake)
  • Time to sleep (time it took to fall asleep)
  • Time to get up (time it took to get out of bed)

Sleep duration and depth are the most important factors to raising the sleep score. Sleep regularity, interruptions, time to sleep and wake up are sleep hygiene measures. They are key factors to improve the overall sleep experience.

sleep-score-details.png sleep-score-details-1.png

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