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  • Flashing blue: If the Sleep hasn't been installed or paired with a mobile device.
  • Solid blue: If the Sleep has been paired with a mobile device and is in setup mode. 
  • Solid green: If the factory reset has been completed.
    The LED can also be green when the Sleep is ready for a Wi-Fi configuration or when you try to set up a device already installed.
  • Flashing red: If the inflation process has been stopped or if the air bladder seems to leak.
    The LED can also flash red if you press and hold the reset button.
  • Solid red: If the Sleep can't connect to the Internet.
  • Flashing purple: If the setup time of the Sleep is over. Sleep is not discoverable in Bluetooth anymore.
    Note that Sleep can be installed during 30 minutes. After that, the LED blinks purple which means that the setup time is over. In this case, you'll need to unplug, then plug Sleep using the provided adapter. You'll then be able to install it.
  • Solid white: If the deflation process is ongoing.


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