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Should I use Sleep if I wear a pacemaker?

Yes, you can use Sleep if you wear a pacemaker or other internal medical device.

Should I use Sleep if I have a CPAP machine?

Yes, Sleep can be used with a CPAP machine. Please note that the CPAP machine should be placed next to the bed to ensure a proper sleep and snoring tracking. 

Should I use Sleep while I am pregnant?

Yes, there are no known risks associated with pregnant women using Sleep.

Should I use Sleep to monitor the sleep of my child?

Sleep has been tested on adults (from 20 years-old). Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the sleep accuracy for children.

Should I use Sleep if the device becomes warm?

Yes, it is normal for the Sleep to become warm, particularly at night. This is in part the result of the device being in between the mattress and bed frame, making it difficult for heat to dissipate. Keep in mind, however, that the Sleep was designed to operate under these conditions.

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