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Why did Nokia sell its connected health division?

When Nokia decided to refocus on networks and licensing activities, it decided to divest its connected health entity. We are delighted to welcome Eric Carreel, the co-founder of Withings, as the head of this now-independent entity.

Why did Eric Carreel buy back Nokia Health?

Nokia bought Withings. Now, with this digital health team back under the Withings brand, Eric Carreel's aim is to make Withings a global leader in the connected and preventive health space, exploring new challenges with the support of a trusted team.

Are Nokia Health products still supported?

Absolutely! Nokia digital health devices have and will continue to have the backing of our Support team, and the team will also support potential updates and/or improvements to our services.

What is happening to my data?

Your data remains your property. You can download it at any time from your online account. Data security always was, and still is, one of our main priorities. Withings guarantees the confidentiality of all personal data and protects the privacy of all its users, in compliance with the EU data privacy protection directive GDPR.

Will you be reverting to the old version of the Health Mate app?

Health Mate has undergone many changes over the last two years, and it now offers exclusive functions such as coaching programs. Today, Health Mate is central to your connected health, giving you the ability to manage your devices, data, and much more. We will continue to improve the app with updates, and we always take the feedback from our users very seriously.


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