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How does ScanWatch compare to the competition? 

Today, ScanWatch is the only over-the-counter solution that is able to provide a medical-grade ECG at any time, as well as breathing disturbances detection and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 30 days.

How is ScanWatch different from Steel HR?

ScanWatch is the most medically advanced wearable yet in the Withings range, helping users to identify and seek treatment for serious, highly prevalent and underdiagnosed conditions such as AFib and breathing disturbances.

ScanWatch provides:

  • In-depth cardiovascular health monitoring with 24/7 heart scanning, so the wearer is notified when their heart rate is atypical
  • A real-time medical-grade ECG to detect atrial fibrillation in just 30 seconds 
  • Breathing disturbances detection through a PPG sensor that emits and absorbs a light wave passing through blood vessels
  • An enhanced display design & unsurpassed battery life of up to 30 days

How does Withings ensure all medical data is safe?

Withings is committed to protecting privacy. Withings processes personal data in compliance with applicable privacy and personal data laws according to the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which was enacted on May 25, 2018.

Withings states the ScanWatch has been clinically tested. What does this mean exactly?

We led several clinical studies to compare ScanWatch measurements with the gold standard and assess its medical accuracy. ScanWatch has received CE medical certification in Europe and FDA clearance in the United States.

How does ScanWatch differ from other Withings watches?

All Withings watches, including Move, seamlessly track activity and sleep. In addition to these basic features, Move ECG has the ability to provide an ECG. Steel HR has a display and a PPG to deliver heart rate tracking. 

ScanWatch is the most advanced watch conceived by Withings. Like Steel HR, it owns a display, but it is wider and with higher definition, and a PPG for heart rate monitoring. ScanWatch also has the ability to monitor oxygen levels, detect breathing disturbances and has 3 electrodes to provide an ECG.

What are the ScanWatch materials?

ScanWatch has a stainless steel case featuring bronze lacquered dial with applied chrome indexes, guilloche subdial, chrome hands and sapphire glass. The wristband is made of fluoroelastomer and fits wrists with a circumference of between 14-21cm / 5.5-8.2in (38mm model) or 16-24cm / 6.2-9.4in (42mm model).

Should I use ScanWatch if I wear a pacemaker?

No, you should not use ScanWatch if you wear a pacemaker or other internal medical device. A pacemaker circulates electrical signals in your body, which may induce wrong ECG measurements from the watch.

I have a permanent heart rate arrhythmia, will ScanWatch be able to efficiently take my measurements?

Your ScanWatch will perform correctly the ECG, and a signal will be measured and displayed on the screen. However, it is likely that the diagnosis displayed will not appear as normal, as your watch will detect AFib or another arrhythmia.

At rest, if the watch is properly positioned, your heartbeat should be detected as irregular, and average measurements should be provided.

It is possible that your SpO2 measurements will be inconclusive because ScanWatch relies on the regularity of the HR for the quality of the signal. In other words, if you really need a SpO2 measurement for COVID-19 or COPD monitoring, we would recommend to use a classic finger oximeter.

Are the hands of ScanWatch luminous?

The 42mm black and the Horizon models of the ScanWatch have hands that feature a Super-LumiNova® coating which allows them to glow in the dark (this feature is not available for other ScanWatch models).

When is ScanWatch expected to launch? How much is it?

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