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What is the Fitness Level score?

Our Fitness Level assessment is calculated on the basis of several factors. The most important ones include heart rate, age, sex, and weight, and they are combined with the GPS data tracked by the Steel HR Sport during your running or walking sessions.* The fitness level is then estimated by comparing your heart rate and your running pace.

The higher your fitness level, the more fit you are. People with a higher VO2 max usually have a lower heart rate during running or walking sessions. People who are new to the workout game have a higher heart rate at the same pace and therefore a lower VO2 max.

To see an accurate estimate, you need to go on runs that are at least 10 minutes long. It is also recommended that you run on flat terrain, because running downhill or uphill can put too much or too little effort compared to a flat run, which can throw off the estimate.

Continuity is key: wear your Steel HR Sport with the GPS feature enabled every time you go on a run. This not only delivers the most accurate measurement, but also tracks your cardio fitness development over time.

Note: Always consult with your doctor or trusted health professional before beginning a new fitness routine.


How do you rate Fitness Level?

fitness-level-en-1.png fitness-level-en-2.png

We rate Fitness Level with a score between 17 and 60. After a running or walking session, open the Health Mate app to see your Fitness Level in the timeline.

Excellent, good, fair or poor: We provide color-coded feedback that helps you to understand your score easily. You will also find more information on what goes into a Fitness Level assessment, as well as advice on how you can improve your score.


I am undergoing treatment with beta-blockers, my Fitness Level is very low even though I am an active person. Does my treatment have an impact on the calculation of my Fitness Level?

No, treatment with beta-blockers has no impact on the heart rate measurement provided by the watch (and therefore on the Fitness Level, as it is based on heart rate). The Fitness Level is a measure to be monitored over the long term (it may take some time before improvements are noticed). If you have any doubts about your health, please consult your doctor.


How can I improve my Fitness Level?

There are a few things you can do to improve your score, but know that progress takes time.

You can improve Fitness Level with interval training. Including high-intensity intervals can get your heart rate going and have a more positive effect on your overall fitness.

Lowering your body fat percentage also enhances your Fitness Level. Health Mate coaching programs can guide you through this and many other strategies to enhance Fitness Level.

Please consult with your doctor before starting a new diet or exercise routine.

*To obtain a Fitness Level, ensure that you are launching the workout mode for running or walking on your watch with the Health Mate app open. Speed during each session must be above 4 km/h or 2.4 mph.

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