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How does the Workout mode work?

From yoga, volleyball, and rowing to boxing, skiing, and ice hockey, ScanWatch tracks up to 30 activities. You can select your workout directly on the watch by going to the Workout screen. Scroll the side button of the watch to navigate through the activities, and then press the button when you find your activity and are ready to start your workout.

Important: It is also possible to pause your workout during a session. To do so, give the side button a long press until the "pause mode" is displayed.

When stopping your workout, a short summary will be available on your ScanWatch:

  • Duration if GPS tracking is not activated,
  • Duration, distance, and pace if GPS tracking is activated.

The workouts that appear on the screen can be chosen from a long list of activities in your Health Mate app settings. To change them, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Health Mate app.
  2. Go to Devices > ScanWatch.
  3. Tap More settings > Workout customization.
  4. Select and arrange up to 5 exercises for quick access when you start a workout on your watch.

In the Workout mode, ScanWatch tracks your continuous heart rate, as well as the workout duration. After the workout, you will see a workout overview in the Health Mate app showing the workout intensity and the time spent in heart rate zones, as well as your burned calories.



Will the watch still recognize workouts automatically?

ScanWatch will track walking, running, and swimming automatically. To receive more workout details like pace and route covered, we recommend manually starting the Workout mode.

Once you have selected a workout a few times, ScanWatch will learn its movements and recognize it in the future.

If you forgot to launch a workout before your session, ScanWatch will detect your movements and add an unknown workout to the Health Mate app. You can then change the type of workout in the app manually.

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