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To activate continuous heart rate monitoring, you need to start a workout session. To do so, go to the Workout menu of your ScanWatch. Then scroll the side button of the watch to navigate through the activities and select the activity of your choice. Your workout session starts.

On the digital display, you can scroll to see a timer that keeps track of workout duration, your pace, the distance covered, and your real-time heart rate. To stop or to pause the workout mode, press and hold the side button of the watch until it vibrates.

When you run, there is no need to manually activate workout mode. ScanWatch will automatically detect the activity and trigger a continuous heart rate monitoring session.

All heart rate data is automatically synchronized to the Health Mate app. An item will appear in the app for each workout, where you can view details about your session, including a heart rate graph, maximum heart rate, and time spent in each heart rate zone.

A quick tip for getting accurate heart rate data during your workouts: If you find that the watch is moving around on your skin, tighten it one notch so it’s more secure.


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