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Automatic syncing

Background synchronizations allow you to automatically sync your data as long as your Bluetooth is enabled. The Health Mate app should also be opened in background on your phone. Automatic syncing occurs when:

  • You have taken more than 1,000 steps since the last sync
  • You have reached your daily steps objective
  • More than 6 hours have passed since the last sync took place

Manual syncing

All you have to do to sync your data is open the Health Mate app. 

When you do, your Pulse HR automatically syncs your data with the app. Make sure your Pulse HR is close enough to your iOS or Android device and that the Bluetooth is activated on your device or you will not be able to synchronize your data.

Your Pulse HR has a limited memory. Make sure you open the app regularly so that you do not lose any of your data.

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