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How does connected GPS work?

Connected GPS means that when running with your smartphone, you will be able to track the route you have covered on a map in the Health Mate app. Also, additional workout metrics such as duration, distance, heart rate and pace are displayed in real time during the workout on your watch screen and on your phone.

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To use connected GPS, you need to launch a distance-based outdoor activity workout session. To do so, perform the following steps:

  1. Press and hold the button of your Pulse HR for about a second until it vibrates.
  2. Press the button to select your activity, and then give the button a long press to start your workout.
  3. Press the button until it vibrates again when you want to stop your workout session.

Important: GPS tracking will only be possible if the "energy saving" mode is deactivated on your smartphone.

Note that Pulse HR needs to be connected via Bluetooth. Connected GPS requires you to enable your location settings of your smartphone. If "GPS" appears on the screen of your Pulse HR after launching a workout session, it means that GPS is working and that your device is connected with your smartphone.


Pulse HR offers Connected GPS for all distance-based outdoor activities such as walking, running, biking, and canoeing.

Do I need to enable GPS to measure distance with my Pulse HR?

GPS data make distance, speed and average speed measurements more precise but is not necessary.

Why do I need to have my location services always on?

We ask you to enable your location settings to offer you detailed activity data such as route and pace for automatically tracked workouts such as running - even when the Health Mate is not launched. 

Pulse HR and Health Mate app only access your location data when a distance-based outdoor workout is tracked. Connected GPS does not impact your smartphone’s battery life.

Note: The "Allow Location" notification message will be permanently visible in the Health Mate app if you don't authorize Health Mate to access your location.

Does connected GPS compromise the battery life of the Pulse HR?

Not at all! We offer 20 days of battery life.

For which activities is connected GPS available?

Pulse HR offers Connected GPS for all distance-based outdoor activities such as walking, running, biking, and canoeing.


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