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Starting November 2018, all new and updated applications are required to officially support Android 8 (Oreo). One of the requirements of Android 8 is to notify the user if an application runs in background, as applications that run in the background may contribute to the consumption of the mobile device’s battery.

Beginning with Health Mate 4.1.0, if you are running Android 8 on your mobile device you may see this new notification. 


Why does Health Mate need to run in background?

Health Mate needs to run in background for different reasons. For example, the app will need to run in the background in order to enable the automatic synchronization of your Withings device, so that you can receive notifications on your watch, to launch a workout session using the connected-GPS feature, to start a blood pressure measurement directly from your Withings' blood pressure monitor, or to receive measurements from your Withings’ scale if it is configured for Bluetooth use.

Note that if you choose to not allow Health Mate to run in background, the above-listed features will still be available when the Health Mate app is opened.

What can I do if I don't want to see the notification?

You can also choose to hide this new notification. Doing this allows the Health Mate app to run in the background, but without displaying the notification. To hide the notification, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Health Mate app.
  2. Go to Profile > Settings.
  3. Tap Hide persistent notification.


If your Android device is running Android 9, hiding the Health Mate notification will completely remove any prompt that the app is running in the background.

On OS versions prior to Android 9, your mobile device may still display a system notification to let you know that the app is running in background. This notification may show "Health Mate is using battery" or "Health Mate is running in the background”.


If your mobile device is running Android 8.1, you can hide the Android system notification. This, however, is not possible on Android versions prior to Android 8.1.

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