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The Breathe mode guides you to focus on your breathing from one to five minutes. This allows you to refocus, relax, and help take care of your mind and body.

How to use this feature:

Note: Breathe is a feature that is available on Withings ScanWatch.

First activate the feature by going to Devices > ScanWatch > Customize screens and then toggle on Breathe.

  1. Press the crown to wake up the watch and access the features.
  2. Rotate the crown to browse through the menu to find Breathe.
  3. Press again to launch the feature.
  4. Rotate the crown to choose the number of breaths you want to perform during the exercise, from 4 to 9.

    Note: Choose the number of breaths per minute according to your breathing capacity. Observe your heart rate results at the end of the session to get to know yourself better and understand what breathing rate helps you relax the most. The more breaths you take during this exercise, the shorter your breaths will be. Conversely, the fewer breaths you need to take during the exercise, the longer the breaths will be.
  5. Press to confirm and start the breathing exercise.
  6. Follow the instructions. Breathe in when the circle appears. Breathe out when it disappears.
  7. Focus on your breathing.
  8. You're done! Check your heart rate and enjoy the benefits of your new and improved mindset.Scanwatch_38_Black_Breath_HR.png

How the breathing exercise can benefit your health:

With the Breathe mode, you can learn to control your breathing to improve your physical and mental health. Many doctors recommend 6 breaths per minute, for 5 minutes, 3 times a day. Practicing this method is called cardiac coherence.

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