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The World Health Organization recommends that adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity spread out over the course of a week. That's about 30 minutes of moderate activity 5 days a week. As little as 300 minutes of active time per week can provide additional health benefits.

However, walking and running are not the only activities that reflect active minutes during the day. In fact, there are many activities that are classified as “active,” and the calculation of these minutes is based on Metabolic Equivalent of Task (METs). Experts use METs to calculate the intensity of different physical activities you can encounter throughout the day as well as compute the energy expenditure involved in each one.

Physical activities are classified into three categories:

< 3 MET


3 to 6 MET


> 6 MET



Sitting quietly

Walking slowly

Typing on a computer keyboard while seated

Watching TV

Doing the dishes

Walking fast

Cleaning (vacuuming, washing windows, etc.)

Playing doubles tennis or badminton

Taking a bike ride




Carrying heavy loads

Riding a bike

Playing football,baseball, or tennis (singles)

Playing jump rope

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It turns out you might be more active than what you previously knew. Keep it up!

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