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Disclaimer: Due to health regulations and clearances, some ScanWatch features may not be available or may not have clinical validation in your region. Learn more.

SpO2 measurement can be performed both automatically and manually. To check your results, go to your Health Mate app and tap on your latest Oxygen Saturation measurement in the Home tab.

Note : The results can vary based on a number of factors, including but not limited to your health profile (whether you are a smoker, if you have asthma, if you are very athletic or not, if you have tattoos, if you have known conditions such as hypotension, anemia, etc.), your environment (altitude, temperature), the way the measurement is done (standing/sitting position, wristband tightening, etc.). We suggest you check for best practices and train to improve your gesture.

  • 95% to 100%: Normal.

  • 90% to 94%: Below Average. This measurement detects that your blood oxygen level is below average but still normal.


  • Below 90%: Low. The value can be a possible sign of hypoxemia.
    In case results in this zone are associated with symptoms, contact your doctor or a health professional who will help you make a diagnosis and take preventive actions. Symptoms include being short of breath after exertion, coughing, fast or slow heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating.

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