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Your ScanWatch just got better!


Your device has just been updated, and the latest operating system comes with new great features.

Note: The following updates are only available in the Health Mate app version 5.3, so make sure your application is up to date.

The following updates are only available if they are eligible in your region.


Breathing Disturbances graph

You now have the possibility to see your Breathing Disturbances throughout the night:




This graph shows the evolution of your Breathing Disturbances throughout the night, allowing you to spot when they occured. The color-coding helps you understand, at a glance, if you experienced low, moderate, or high Breathing Disturbances.

Remember to set your Respiratory Scan frequency to “automatic” or “always on” to get a Respiratory Scan to see this graph. Reminder: the expected battery life of the watch will be greatly impacted by this feature.


Automatic oxygen saturation measurement during sleep

You can now activate oxygen saturation reading during sleep as an option in the Health Mate app. Just look in your device settings.



When this option is activated, your ScanWatch will measure blood oxygen saturation periodically throughout the night, and will display the average at the end of the night. However, don’t worry if no result is displayed at the end of the night as ScanWatch needs at least 5 valid measurements during the night to compute the average. Before you go to bed, make sure you tighten your watch correctly.



A whole new onboarding design

The whole tutorial flow has been reviewed and revised to give you more clarity and understanding about all ScanWatch has to offer.




Always on workout screen

This new feature allows you to display the watch’s workout screen without it turning off. This means that you no longer have to push the button while exercising to see your data on the watch!

You can activate this option in the Health Mate app by accessing your device’s settings.


And many other improvements, including a heart rate algorithm improvement.

Hope you enjoy the updates!

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