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Both the position of your watch and the tightening of your wristband have an impact on features and measurements efficiency.

To make the most of your experience and monitor successfully your health, here are a few tips on how to wear your watch.


Wearing ScanWatch properly

The ideal position of ScanWatch is on your left forearm, about a centimeter above your wrist bone, screen on top.


Your ScanWatch must be worn tightly enough. It shouldn't be able to move around your wrist.


Tightening the wristband

For optimal wearing, Withings has provided a reference table indicating the notch to use according to the wrist size.


  • Make sure to measure your wrist size at the correct distance: 1 cm behind your wrist bone.
  • Make sure to use a measuring tape, for the measurement to be accurate.

Here is the recommended notch to choose for the tightening of the wristband according to your wrist size*:

13.5 cm - 14 cm 1st notch
14 cm - 14.5 cm 2nd notch
14.5 cm - 15 cm 3rd to 4th notch
15 cm - 15.5 cm 3rd to 4th notch
15.5 cm - 16 cm 3rd to 4th notch
16 cm - 16.5 cm 5th notch
16.5 cm - 17 cm 6th to 8th notch
17 cm - 17.5 cm 7th notch
17.5 cm - 18 cm 7th to 9th notch
18 cm - 18.5 cm 9th notch
18.5 cm - 19 cm 9th notch
19 cm + 9th notch or more


  • The FKM wristband is the most fitting in terms of measurement taking. You may notice inaccurate data if you wear a metal or leather wristband.
  • The advised tightening of your wristband may not be comfortable if you are left-handed.


*Values are valid for ScanWatch 38 mm and ScanWatch 42 mm.

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