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To record your ECG, perform the following steps:

  1. Make sure Move ECG is snug on the wrist you selected in the Health Mate app. To do so, go to Devices > Move ECG > Wrist used.
  2. Rest your arms on a table and hold the top electrode with your second hand. Please refer to the picture below.
  3. Press briefly the button of your Move ECG. Gently place your fingers on the bezel (top ring) for 30 seconds.
    The ECG recording starts after a first vibration. Please remain still during the measurement process. Move ECG vibrates twice when the ECG recording is completed.

    Note: Move ECG measures your heart rate only during the ECG recording (30 seconds). Both values (heart rate and ECG) are available after the recording in the Health Mate app.

    Important: When recording your ECG, the watch will give you 3 attempts to take a measurement. If the ECG recording fails on the third attempt, the watch will vibrate twice and the activity dial will quickly return to 0%. If you wish to attempt a new ECG recording, you will have to short press the button on the watch to start again.

  4. Tap Done.
    Note: You have the possibility to share your ECG with your doctor. To do so, tap Share PDF with your doctor. Click here for more information.

You can retrieve your heart rate and ECG records by tapping the ECG item in the Timeline of the Health Mate app.


  • If you don't have your phone with you, you can still record an ECG on the go via a simple gesture on the watch. Your results will appear in the Timeline of the Health Mate app the next time you open it.
  • ECG recordings are now available on Health Mate Web

If you're having issues to record your ECG, click here.

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