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Move ECG allows you to track your activity: number of steps, run tracking and swim tracking. Whether you are walking, running or swimming, you don’t have to do anything to start tracking it. All you have to do is wear your Move ECG, it will do the rest.

The integrated accelerometer allows your Move ECG to automatically count your steps and to recognize when you are running. Your running activity, your distance, and your calories are calculated thanks to an algorithm based on your number of steps and your personal data (age, height, and weight).

moveecg-activity-detail.png moveecg-activity-detail-2.png

(1) Visual representation of the number of steps: each bar corresponds to a 30-minute period
(2) Number of steps during the day
(3) Percentage of the daily step goal achieved
(4) Estimated distance walked during the day
(5) Elevation: number of steps climbed
(6) Estimated calories burned during the day (active calories and total number of calories)*
(7) Day's activity detail

*Note that active calories are the calories burned from exercise (such as walking) and total calories are the sum of the active calories and your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate - an estimate of the amount of calories needed at rest so that the body can function).

For the first time in a Withings watch, stairs climbed are tracked via an altimeter. The altimeter measures changes in atmospheric pressure (which changes as you gain or lose elevation) to track your elevation. In order for Move ECG to measure elevation, you must both walk forward and up. Climbing a ladder or using an elevator, for instance, will not result in elevation being tracked, while walking up a hill, will. Since atmospheric pressure is used to measure elevation, when using stationary equipment such as a treadmill or a stair-climbing machine, elevation will not be measured as there is no change in atmospheric pressure.



  • 3 meters is equivalent to 1 floor.
  • If the altimeter opening of the Move ECG becomes dirty or clogged with debris and sweat, it can prevent the watch from accurately measuring elevation. If this occurs, please clean the back of Move ECG with warm, soapy water and then allow it to dry. The watch should also be cleaned anytime that you work out with it on.
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