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    Armelle From Withings

    Hi @carl.orband,


    Thanks for posting. You need to forget your Steel HR from the Bluetooth devices of the phone(s) it was associated with. After that, turn your mobile device(s) off, then on. Then, try installing your Steel HR again.


    During the installation, make sure that:

    1) Your Steel HR remains next to your phone.

    2) You do not exit the Health Mate app until the installation is complete.

    3) You don't receive any call during the installation, as this may cause it to fail. If that's the case, start the process again.

    4) The display of Steel HR is on while the app is searching for the watch during the installation. If it's not, press the button on the watch to activate its display. 


    Should you need further help, you can reach out via


    Have a great day,


    Armelle, Withings Customer Service

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