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Floor count




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    I've been using my watch (Move ECG) for at least 2 months already and I noticed that the step tracking of my watch is different from my old Steel HR and Fitbit Aria. My son explained to me that it is possible that they will count a different number of steps from one another since each of the activity trackers has a different algorithm used to track our steps.

    It may show a different results but it doesn't mean that the watch is faulty.

    Note: Make sure that the band is tight so it will count all of your steps.




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    Sure, that would make sense if the difference was like a few hundreds of steps, but it can literally be thousands of steps difference. Only because I carry thins when I walk. Or the other day I was in IKEA pushing the strollers and none of that was counted because my arm was still on a handle!

    About the floors. It counts flours in shopping centers bu not homes, I guess it is not calibrated right.

    I am thinking of returning it and making sure that people know what they are buying, especially now there is an iWatch with ECG which was a reason to buy Move ECG in first. But also cannot take BPM separately from ECG. It is way much money for what is offering, but regardless of the money, It's the disappointment with the product and I was really into Withings products.

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