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Wireless / Bluetooth / Cuff




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    You can change the settings of your BPM Connect to get a single measurement by pressing and holding its button until the word BP appears on the screen. 

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    Thanks. I had figured this out.  Something is wrong with this new version. I have deleted and set it up several times. 10 days on a cruise ship without WIFI (I selected "No WIFI" for the fourth time I deleted the pairing, deleted the app, etc. and it did not work right when the iPhone was nearly next to the cuff.) Several readings never synched.  I had to put notes in a text file.  I believe they had no business releasing it until it was extensively tested.  I called their toll-free when I returned and with a terrible connection in the Philippines I was told that they are working with tech people to solve this and my complaint is not an outlier. When I get a chance I want to see exactly what the FDA approved. The young woman in the Philippines said she could send my money back. No way, I said I want a device that works correctly and she did not offer a replacement. Does anyone here know contact information for legitimate news reporters / websites that cover this sector of consumer medical technology? Consumers are at a disadvantage if devices are in fact not yet ready for prime time.

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