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Wishing Home Cam




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    You can try contacting Withings using this link I'm sure they can help you with this.

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    Hello Zane


    Thanks. I have contacted Withings but the solution didn't help much. 

    Withings replied:

    Hello Niclas,
    Thank you for reaching out to us. I'm sorry to hear that you are not receiving alerts and notifications from your Home camera. Let me help you with this.
    For us to isolate this, could you please do the following?:
    Dissociate the Aura from your account.
    select 'My devices' in the Health Mate app
    select 'Home'
    click 'Dissociate this product'
    confirm by selecting 'Remove from your account'
    'Forget' the Home from the Bluetooth menu of your mobile device.
    uninstall the Home app
    reboot your mobile device
    reinstall the Home app
    reconfigure your Home camera




    Best Regards,



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