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Activity tracking stops




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    I’m having the same problem. Sometimes I start the activity and it stops right away, multiple times in a row.

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    The support is still working on my ticket. I sent them a short video this week and my case "has been referred to our specialist team for additional review." Maybe it helps to also submit a ticket, so the support knows it is not a single event and has more evidence to analyse.

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    I've had the same problem - I've found restarting HealthMate (after forcing to close first) on my iPhone always fixes this. It's not ideal but I just do that as a matter of routine before my run now.

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    I had crashing problems with my HealthMate app so I reinstalled it.  Then, this morning, I had the same issue.  Start a workout and after 1 second it stops.


    I was trying to do running when it broke so I figured it might be a connected GPS issue.  In my iPhone, I went to settings -> HealthMate -> Location.  From there I changed  "Allow Location Access" from "Always" to "While Using App".  I tested it and starting a running workout worked (didn't stop after 1 second anyway).  I went back to my location settings and changed it back to "Always".  Still seems to work.  I'll have to do a real workout to be sure but I hope that fixes the problem.

    UPDATE:  I went on a run this morning and it worked... mostly.  It tracked my run, the connected GPS worked, and I got all my stats.  The app crashed right after I stopped my run but all the data was there when I started it back up.

    UPDATE 2: Went on a run yesterday.  This is how it went: 

    1) Started the app. 

    2) Started my run on the Steel HR.

    3) App crashed, restarted the app - it went into activity tracking mode (shows my distance and time, etc.).

    4) Ran.

    5) Stopped run on my Steel HR.

    6) App crashed as soon as I touched my screen.

    7) restarted the app

    8) The app crashes whenever I try to actually look at my run (tap on my run in the main screen).  

    The connected GPS works - I get a map of where I ran.  But I can't look at anything else because tapping on a workout now crashes the app.

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