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What is happening with the Strava integration?




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    Yeah, having similar problems. The Strava sync issue got corrected and since then (so the last week and a half or so) about 1 in every 3 runs is extremely wrong - undertracking my run by somewhere between 2 and 9 miles, occasionally not importing the route, etc. The "pause" feature is entirely useless as best as I can tell. Also, and this isn't new, but the elevation has always massively undercounted compared to Withings own Healthmate tracking by something like an order of 10. It's bizarre to me that there doesn't seem to be a way for the data from HealthMate to just directly be exported to Strava. Every data category is always a little different, and now wildly so.

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    Thanks for confirming this. What you relate does indeed sounds similar to what I was experiencing. However for the last few days Withings / Health Mate does not seem to have passed any of my data to Strava at all. The integration is clearly a complete mess. One would have hoped that there would be insiders at Withings looking at this and communicating, but clearly not. I've reverted to using the Strava mobile app. Poor show Withings.

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