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Cannot get Thermo to connect to my Wi-Fi network




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    I 'just' received my Thermo an hour ago and have the exact same problem. I also have an iPhone 11 Pro. I was trying to set up with the router just a few feet away. Sometimes the setup asked me to pair the device. Sometimes it showed an empty dialog which should have shown all of the wifi networks locally (there are many in the required frequency range), and told me to wait up to a minute for the network to show up and I waited much longer, and sometimes it went right to the screen you are talking about where you select the 'quick wifi', 'manual', or 'no network (bluetooth)' options, and I got the same response you did. I also went to wifi settings because some devices require you to connect to a wifi device before continuing to pair, and it was there, and I connected to it, but I still could not pair. It was unclear from any instruction whether we should see that dialog before we selected a network. I'd say that the wifi pairing procedure is messed up. I was able to connect with Bluetooth no problem but it is definitely not my first choice, nor yours, nor WIthings. If you have any updates I would appreciate your sharing them.

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    I'm afraid I have the same problem. There's no way the device (thermometer) is detecting the WiFi network. I set it up using bluetooth but I need the WiFi for the device to seamlessly sync the readings with my account.

    Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

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