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Thermo will not power up consistently




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    Have you tried cleaning the battery contacts of your  Thermo? If you've done this already and still the thermo doesn't turn on, try to contact them directly at so they can assist you.

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    Thermo wont power up consistently and eventually stop responding. Batteries are good and have nothing to do with the solution. I have taken a chance and open up the unit popping the battery holder carefully because there is a 2 wires soldered to the main board. I removed 4 small screws ( 2 short screws and 2 longer ones care-full not to mix them up) holding the battery holder and gently pull the board longitudely out. Carefully detaching  the connector that is attached to the second printed circuit board. By looking under the circuit board where the main switch is making contact with the board I have noticed that the contact had move off centre from its original position. So with tweezers I carefully centred it back to its original position and added a second small piece of black electrical tape to keep it there. After re-assembly, guest what? Everything work. See picture of off centered contact and tape in place

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