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Activity goal in calories too




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    I agree with that too! Having an activity goal for calories would be a good feature to implement. Looking forward to see more updates including this in the future. 

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    Yes! This is exactly what I've been mentioning on Withings forum many times. I'd just really love to have option to count all activities (not only steps but also cycling, swimming and so on) against small hand scale - and that can be done using burn calories measure!!! Right now it shows only steps making it as "advanced" as any $10 Chinese band. The clue is to make it show if you have been active enough (bur enough calories) on this day. For instance after 50 km cycling you really don't have to do much steps to achieve burned calories goal. It is the biggest drawback of all Withings watches so far. They should just buy any Polar smartwatch and see how it should be done properly. Polar's watches actually do show even how long and what you should do today to achieve your activity/calories goal. Of course that should be just an option if (for whatever reason) someone would still like to rely on just simple steps counter then why not?

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