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Two trackers




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    I've been watching this forum for quite a while now, and whilst I still love my MoveECG I have stopped recommending it to anyone simply because of the very poor support and all the problems people have had.  I understand your idea of supporting a European design and company, but the French I believe are often poor at support.  

    I changed the battery in mine myself after about six months use - so much for "up to a year" - and it seems to have survived that.  I do have the correct lever press for putting the back back on.  

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    Thanks Ian.

    I also favoured Bookeen (France) for e-readers, over the Kindle (for instance), and yes the support over there is no better.

    I notice, as I navigate the app, or at least the website, that some links move to French notices, instead of staying in the language of the user.



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    As a purely interim solution, my wife's Galaxy Tab A2 was successfully connected and paired with her white Move ECG.

    I created a second user account on the Tab ( didn't know it was possible ). This allowed me to connect and pair, successfully, with my black Move ECG.

    We can, now, see both sets of data from the watches.

    BUT it must be classed as an interim solution, there must be reasons why the 'normal' 'phones don't connect and pair. There must also be a reason as to why the health app on my Moto-G looks significantly different to the one on my wife's Samsung. The app on Moto-G doesn't have an option in the menu for adding the Move ECG, and yet it runs Android v6.

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