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One Month On




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    Me too.  The MoveECG doesn't really see walking around the house or doing odd jobs as exercise.  TBH, the Fitbit used to annoy me a lot as it would interpret ANY rhythmic movement of the wrist it was worn on as steps,  Shaking a spray paint can could rack up half a mile in no time!

    The Withings seems to wait for about five minutes before seeing walking as an 'activity' and then will recognise it.  However, it does have other defects.  Pushing a pram or even a push lawnmower is interpreted as a cycle ride, even at such a low speed and too and fro on a small lawn.  :-)

    My target is set to 8000, and my regular 40 minute brisk walk in the evening doesn't quite hack it unless I'm already at 30% +.

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    Thanks ian,

    Annoying, too, is the highlighted step count at 10,000 on HealthMate expected as a target!

    I must admit too many days are spent with the evening activities just failing to knock me over 7,000. Last night I just managed it, the first time in over a week. If I had a phone of my own that worked with the watch I could double check our walks with GPS. The last thing I want to do is carry a tablet around whilst controlling the pooches.....

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    It seems we're correct Ian.

    Looking at the data from this morning, against what I know of our walks - the Move ECG has recorded a value consistent with the other three trackers.

    So there seems to be a trigger point that it needs to record steps.

    Wonder what it is. Obviously not stepping around the house!



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