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Unassigned Measurements




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    Yeah... all the various data locations don't sync as well as they should.


    I use the Thermo App, the Health mate App and the website.


    If I delete from one location, it SHOULD delete in all locations -- including unassigned measurements.


    Notes should also be synced in all data locations.


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    I have exactly the same thing. I take a measurement with my Thermo, wait for it to appear, assign it to my profile. Everything looks like it should. As soon as I go back to my profile there are loads of unassigned measurements and they’ve disappeared from my Healthmate app.

    The only way I’ve managed to get the measurements to stay is to log out of the Thermo app and sign in again. The first time I assign all the unnasigned measurements they do go through. This is a really annoying and time wasting bug and needs fixing right away. For me it’s making the Thermo useless. I’ve tried messaging the Withings help team and got a standard response that didn’t work. They don’t seem to grasp that multiple customers have an issue and they need to solve it. They closed the ticket and it’s still not fixed. Useless.

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    same my problem.
    temperature is always synchronized in app "health Mate" and not in app "Thermo"
    the problem is that app "health Mate" is not allowed to synchronize temperature data with Apple app "Health"
    only "thermo" is allowed to syncronize temperature with "Apple "healt"

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