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Menstruation tracker




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    Second this!

    Please integrate a period tracking function as soon as possible. It is an absolute must have for any health tracking app.


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    I agree. I really need this function so I can drop the Fitbit app entirely...

    Though while we're at it, I'd also like REM sleep tracking, too. But period tracking should be easier to implement and such a useful health metric for all the many people who menstruate!

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    I have just ditched Fitbit as my FB One died so I no longer have anything to track my periods. It would be great to see weight plotted alongside my cycle.

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    Hey Withings, this has been a conversation on the forums for 18 months now. When will you be adding a period / menstrual tracking feature to the app? I love my watch and the app, but it’s frustrating that both Apple and Fitbit have had this feature for ages (Fitbit has has it for THREE YEARS), but you don’t. It concerns 50% of your customers and time of month has been proven to greatly affect athletic performance, energy levels and weight, to name a few. I don’t feel I’m able to collect complete data without that tracker. There is one for pregnancy, so why not menstruation?

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    I'm really happy with the Whithings watch so far but surprised at the lack of this feature. Fitbit and Garmin trackers have this in their application for years, so I assumed Withings would have it too, especially if there's a pregnancy tracker. I clearly haven't conducted any user research but I'd also expect there'll be more women interested in tracking their periods for health reasons, than tracking the pregnancy with your app. My cycles are irregular and it was really helpful to try correlate my activity levels, resting heart rate and sleep quality with the fitbit app.

    This feature is important for many of us, please add it.

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