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Sleep Tracking inaccurate




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    While we await the highly anticipated enhancements to our sleep tracking system which was the winner of our poll; we will be happy to share a quick piece about how the watch tracks sleep stages. 


    The sleep stages (e.g. light and deep) are measured based on wrist movements.

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    I have a similar issue. My watch says I wake up in the 2:30 to 3:30am hours and say no more sleep. I sleep every day to 7am. How can I cure the incomplete and inaccurate sleep time?


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    I noticed that this also has been happening to me for the last couple of nights. Mine says that I only slept 5 hours. In addition to that it doesn't show when I fell asleep. I fell asleep around 10:45pm or so, but the watch says i fell asleep at 2:34am. That is not accurate, and I did not stay awake late. Hope it's a bug.

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