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Scanwath et Sleep




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    While we await the highly anticipated enhancements to our sleep tracking system which was the winner of our poll; we are happy to share a quick piece about how the watch tracks sleep stages. 

    The sleep stages (eg light and deep) are measured based on wrist movement.

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    I have the scanwatch and the sleep analyzer. The result for last night; deep sleep 0h42 (sleep analyzer) and deep sleep 4h03 (scanwatch)....The difference is the same for other nights. And also the apneus are very different: 15-30 (sleep analyzer) and 1-5 (scanwatch). So my conclusion is that the Scanwatch is rubbish for sleep analyzing, which is confirmed in this test:

    It's a waste of money...

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    Thanks Peterdemey for the review, I can read in German a bit.
    I was wondering which Withings watch is the most accurate for sleep tracking.

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    Bonjour Durruti,

    c'est pas normal. Il ne faut pas porter la montre pour avoir des résultats du Sleep Analyser. Vous pouvez faire une "total reset" du Sleep Analyzer. C'est pas difficile.

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    J'ai aussi acheter recament un  "wythings sleep" mat et j'ai aussi le scanwatch.


    Mon experience est que le watch est mieux a detecter les heures que je m'endore et les heures je me reveille.

    En general le withing sleep me donne des nuits plus courtes que le scanwatch, ce qui est faut , jai verifier.

    Dans 50% des cas le withings sleep est faut. heureusement le scanwatch ne se trompe pas.

    Mais j'espere que withings trouve une solution pour que le withing sleep devient reliable.


    I was saying that my exprience is the opposite of yours.

    The scanwatch was giving me more accurate sleepin and wakeup times then the sleep analyzer matt. In about 50% of the cases the sleep analyzer was wrong. The scanwatch was always correct. As for the deep sleep part, I can't tell  which one is more accurate.

    One problem I certainly have with the scanwatch and steel hr devices is the wrong activity is detecting swimming and cycling even when we don't do those activities at all...we even tried disabling those activities in the watches in order to not have those fake/wrong detections, but even when we disable swimming and cycling in the watch, it continious to have those wrong detections...we start to have a bad feeling about the accuracy of the devices. And we start to think : is the data trustable or is it just a random thing?

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