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terrible customer support




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    I've been left hanging for weeks for an issue that could have been resolved in seconds. Support is atrocious, they simply cut n paste 'solutions' and then take 2-4 days in between comments to even respond. I'm sending my issue to their CEO via a public LinkedIn post.

    I've just had it with trying to get any other form of attention. I'd rather publicize this everywhere to deter other potential buyers than get the watch fixed now. Absolutely appalling. It's bordering on contemptuous. 

    The current CEO was formerly in charge of customer service so I expect little but at least the whole thread will highlight the mess this aspect of the company is in. 

    You may wish to try the same approach. Mathieu Letombe:

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    So said to see. The devices have such promise. I’d paid extra to get better customer service.

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    I went from Fitbit to withings hr steel sport.  And found the watch worked well till it broke.  I’ve been working with support for several weeks without a resolution.  Fitbit would have replaced my tracker weeks ago.  Withings support is not there to assist but to prolong the issue.  I’ve done everything support has requested and now I don’t get any response from them.  It’s no wonder why Nokia cut them loose their product support is horrendous and their ability to back the warranty is even worse.  Save your time and money don’t buy a withings watch. 

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    exactly the same - it's now nearly 6 months where they sent me the wrong replacement watch then blamed it on me. After another month they sent me a form to say I could order again but it was exactly the same mistake. I used LinkedIn InMail to the CEO, no response, I used Facebook to open another query - again response takes at least a week - now I am constantly emailing them and posting on social media just how non-exisitent their support it - shameful. Agreed Fitbit would send you a new tracker and also probably upgrade for all the nonsense! Who else has had the same????????????

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