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Step showing in Healthmate App




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    Based on my internet research steps will not automatically sync directly to Healthmate from Fitbit. This data has to be synced thru Google Fit and then to Healthmate. I have downloaded Google Fit and then an app called HealthSync which transfers my steps from Fitbit to Google Fit. Google Fit then transfers the data to Healthmate. However, once they get to Healthmate they are not accurate. All my steps in Fitbit, Google Fit, and My Fitness Pal jibe, But when those steps appear in Healthmate they never equal. In the morning it starts out small 10- 15 steps but as the day progresses. the variance increases. By the end of the date I am almost off by about 1000 steps. The tracking mechanism is toff in the app and in Google Fit, so only my Fitbit is tracking my steps. This is driving me crazy, I have tried ALL the solutions. install/uninstall, deactivate/reactivate Google Fit. If all the other apps show the same and correct number, it has to be a problem within Healthmate. I want the new Scanwatch when it is released in the US. but now I don't know because this is such a problem.... I have also heard it is a different algorithm used in Healthmate. If so please confirm that is true and I would think that you are in the process of trying to rectify this issue in the next update. because the issue is so widespread...

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    Cannot sync Fitbit versa 3 with witching’s scales through health mate

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